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New opportunities for embedded markets

The J2ME™, Jini™ and JavaCard™ specifications are opening up unprecedented flexibility for both fixed and wireless embedded systems developers, and many products are now starting to reap the benefits of adopting Java as the software of choice:




Industrial, automotive:

The compact and dynamic nature of J2ME Java allows powerful new features for vertical market to be included cost-effectively. For example, devices can download code on the fly from a server, and systems can be upgraded post deployment.


Embedded systems must be small and efficient. A control node generally performs relatively simple functions, linked to a central point for reporting and code upgrade purposes. Again Java offers an ideal cost-effective, yet powerful, solution.

Jini presents a paradigm shift for networking. The network is no longer a fixed entity: services and customers can move in and out of communities as required. Add the J2ME profile for mobile devices and you have truly flexible networking where a portable device can arrive ..register for local or remote services ..connect ..transact ..and depart.

JavaCard strips the language down to a minimal subset needed to run in the constrained environment of a smart card. It offers a level of abstraction that allows developers to write card applications without needing to understand the underlying architecture. JavaCard also includes mechanisms required to safely add applications to cards in the field - a concept that is enabling a revolution in the mobile and financial services worlds. Maybe 10s of plastic cards can, at last, become one!



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