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lightfoot™ hits the road with Java technology for the car of the future

January 25, 2001 - “Automobiles are becoming increasingly high-tech, equipped with diverse embedded, networked and aftermarket add-on devices, ranging from navigational aids, through to wireless hands-free cell phones with internet connectivity”, states Matt Kubiczek, Chief Architect of lightfoot™, Digital Communication Technologies’ high-output, 32-bit microprocessor core for embedded Java. “Major manufacturers, such as Ford and GM, are working towards bringing the ‘networked car’ to the showroom, and lightfoot™ is well placed to deliver the under-hood processing capabilities needed to make the networked car of the future a reality”, Kubiczek concludes.
The increasing amount of hardware required by the modern car makes space a premium. lightfoot™ offers automakers a compact device which delivers five times the code density of competitor products coupled with a reduced system memory footprint.
lightfoot™ also offers automakers the added benefit of extremely low power consumption – a key element given the power demands made on the highly equipped, fully-loaded, modern day automobile.
lightfoot™ delivers near-native Java execution and excellent C performance for automotive use, from an innovative architecture which is much more than a hard-coded Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Real-time performance is also exceptional with low latency interrupts and fast task switching.
Automotive industry users of lightfoot™ will gain all the benefits of 32-bit processing in the real-time Java embedded space, without cost or performance penalties. This is due to the fact that lightfoot™ is not based on legacy processors with their inherent high overheads in cost and performance.
“It takes several years to bring an automobile to market”, concludes, Kubiczek, “and once a model has left the showroom floor, companies want to add new devices and services without having to write new code. lightfoot™, with its java-embedded technology, offers a platform choice that allows additional functions to be added without having to upgrade millions of autos already in the marketplace.”
Further information on lightfoot™ and other tailored products based on the lightfoot™ architecture may be obtained from Digital Communication Technologies, Unit 5, Windmill Business Village, Brooklands Close, Sunbury upon Thames, Middlesex, TW16 7DY.



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