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lightsmart™ - A cost-effective high performance smart card platform for Javacard 2.1.1

London, December 11, 2000  - Digital Communication Technologies’ (DCT) lightSmart™, offers a cost effective, high-performance smart card platform for JavaCard 2.1.1. Based on DCT’s 32-bit lightfoot™ microprocessor core, lightSmart™ offers unsurpassed code density, a small system memory footprint, and ultra low power, making it the ideal solution for this challenging environment where system resources, performance and power consumption are key.
lightSmart™, available under license from DCT, is a full JavaCard 2.1.1 solution at an unbeatable price/performance point. DCT delivers the 32-bit lightfoot™ microprocessor core with a tailored real-time run-time environment, plus compilers for both Java and C languages and a full suite of development tools.
“The processing capabilities required for smart cards have increased with the advent of open platform, multi-application smart cards”, says Matt Kubiczek, Chief Architect, DCT. “Costs are critical in this market and lightSmart™ will allow our customers to make considerable savings.”  In addition, lightSmart™ may be customized to an individual company’s exact requirements, allowing companies to offer smart cards tailored exactly to their customer’s needs.
lightSmart™ also offers extremely tight security, making it particularly relevant for “smart money” transactions, a market sector which is expected to see rapid growth in the coming years as consumers move increasingly toward smart card use at the point of payment or sales outlet.
DCT is dedicated to providing the world’s most efficient Java platforms for consumer and embedded devices and offers a number of tailored products based on the lightfoot™ architecture. lightfoot™ delivers near-native Java and excellent C performance from an innovative architecture and is extremely compact in terms of silicon area.
“Smart card technology has the potential to revolutionize the way in which people shop, purchase goods, and carry out financial transactions”,  states Kubiczek. “lightSmart™ is well positioned to become the platform of choice for smart card developers, looking to deliver data security and a customizable range of card uses, enabling them to meet their customer’s exact needs.”



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