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lightfoot™ - The way forward for Java-Embedded devices

London, December 4, 2000 - “Sun’s vision of a ‘connected world’ featuring a wide array of hand held devices that can ‘converse’ instantly with one another using Connected Limited Device Configuration (CLDC) technology is now set to become a reality following the arrival of lightfoot™ from Digital Communication Technologies (DCT) – the smallest, lowest cost, complete 32-bit microprocessor core for embedded Java to date”, states Matt Kubiczek, Chief Architect, Digital Communication Technologies. “Lightfoot will prove especially beneficial to the CLDC market due to the small size of the device, its reduced system memory footprint – the processor can deliver five times the code density of competitor products - and extremely low power consumption, all essential aspects for small third party consumer electronics and embedded devices”, concluded Kubiczek.
lightfoot™ delivers near-native Java execution and excellent C performance, from an innovative architecture, which is much more than a hard-coded Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Real-time performance is also exceptional with hardware support for low latency interrupts and fast task switching.
lightfoot™ offers all the benefits of 32-bit processing to the real-time embedded Java space, without cost or performance penalties. “With Java emerging as a clear language of choice for the embedded device market the need for an implementation solution which is not based on legacy processors with high overheads in cost and performance has never been greater”, stated Kubiczek, “we set out to deliver an efficient solution for the market and we believe we are the only company to have struck the right balance.”
With the advent of a whole new generation of CLDC devices - which will enable consumers with handheld devices to order their favorite song from the jukebox without leaving their chair, or to run a bath at the perfect temperature to be ready when they arrive home - lightfoot™ with its high output, low cost core is well placed to become the Java embedded microprocessor core of choice for CLDC product manufacturers.
Further information on lightfoot™ and other tailored products based on the lightfoot™ architecture may be obtained from Digital Communication Technologies, Unit 5, Windmill Business Village, Brooklands Close, Sunbury upon Thames, Middlesex, TW16 7DY, UK



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