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lightfoot™ offers next generation in secure communications for highly mobile armed forces

London, November 26, 2000 - “Recent conflicts around the globe have demonstrated the need for a rapid response and equally rapid communication, with personnel, and also with sophisticated hardware, as the military situation develops in the field. lightfoot™, Digital Communication Technologies’ high-output, 32-bit microprocessor core for embedded Java is well placed to deliver those communication requirements, leading to a more effective fighting force”, states Matt Kubiczek, Chief Architect, Digital Communication Technologies (DCT).
“Personnel in the field need to be able to communicate clearly and more importantly securely, via small, highly portable handheld devices”, continued Kubiczek, “these are both areas where lightfoot™ delivers unparalleled advantages.”  These advantages include the small size of the device, coupled with a reduced system memory footprint, and the processor’s ability to deliver five times the code density of competitor products.
lightfoot™ also offers military users the additional benefit of extremely low power consumption - another key aspect for communication devices being used in the field, where forces may be deployed in highly mobile operations for unspecified lengths of time.
lightfoot™ delivers near-native Java execution and excellent C performance, from an innovative architecture which is much more than a hard-coded Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Real-time performance is also exceptional with low latency interrupts and fast task switching.
Military users of lightfoot™ will gain all the benefits of 32-bit processing in the real-time Java embedded space, without cost or performance penalties.  This is because lightfoot™ is not based on legacy processors with their inherent high overheads in cost and performance.
“Battlefield communications are one of the most vital aspects for successful military operations, and Java technology looks set to become the standard for military comms”, concluded Kubiczek.  “DCT is dedicated to providing the military with the most efficient Java platforms for use in the field.”
Further information on lightfoot™ and other tailored products based on the lightfoot™ architecture may be obtained from Digital Communication Technologies, Unit 5, Windmill Business Village, Brooklands Close, Sunbury, Middlesex, TW16 7DY,




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