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DCT announces licensing of the lightfoot™ embedded Java microprocessor for third party consumer electronics and embedded device manufacturers

October 9, 2000 – Digital Communication Technologies, (DCT) is making its lightfoot™ low-cost, small footprint, 32-bit microprocessor core for embedded Java available to third party consumer electronics and embedded device manufacturers under a silicon intellectual property (SIP) licensing program. Key benefits include the small size of the device, a reduced system memory footprint – the processor delivers five times the code density of competitor products - and extremely low power consumption, an essential aspect for many consumer and embedded devices.
lightfoot™ delivers near-native Java execution and excellent C performance, from an innovative architecture which is much more than a hard-coded Java Virtual Machine (JVM), yet as compact in terms of silicon area. Real-time performance is also exceptional with hardware support for low latency interrupts and fast task switching.
“lightfoot™ brings all the benefits of 32-bit processing to the real-time embedded Java space with none of the cost or performance penalties”, says Matt Kubiczek, Chief Architect, DCT. “Java, is emerging as the language of choice in the internet-enabled embedded device market, yet the solutions available for its implementation are generally based on legacy processors with huge overheads in cost and performance. We set out to deliver an efficient solution for the market and we believe we are the only company to have struck the right balance.”
DCT is dedicated to providing the world’s most efficient Java platforms for consumer and embedded devices and offers a number of tailored products based on the lightfoot™ architecture.
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