Now: as IP, as VHDL, and as a core for Xilinx FPGAs

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Check out the features to see why lightfoot™ is the ultimate solution for building tomorrow’s devices today.

Key features of the lightfoot™ core:

Tiny size: around 25,000 gates for the full 32-bit processor

High performance: typically 8 times better Java performance than RISC interpreters running at equivalent clock speeds

Low power dissipation: due to simplicity of core and close match with JVM specification

8-bit program memory interface: minimises cost of external components

One-to-one mapping from Java™ bytecodes to lightfoot™ instructions: compactness of bytecode format is preserved down to the lowest levels of the run-time

Customizable instruction set: supports mixed language development (C/C++/Java) and secure processor design

Fast real-time response: deterministic performance

Java™ run-time checking: supported in hardware

Low cost of ownership: application and run-time code typically 2–5 times more compact than standard processor implementations.


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