Processor core compliant with Sun JVM, KVM and JCVM definitions.
• 32-bit processor with single-cycle bytecode execution.
• High speed.
• Superb real-time performance.
• Hardware support for mandatory run-time checking.
• Compact design, less than 30k gates.
• Low Power.
• Code density advantage.
• Minimum system memory requirements.
• Support for up to 32Mbytes memory.
• Mixed language support.
• No microcode.

lightfoot products compliant with Sun J2ME™, Jini and JavaCard Specifications.



Realise next-generation embedded systems - now

lightfoot™ provides optimal solutions for embedded Java™ - at the lowest possible cost.

Java's rich feature set, compactness and dynamic nature makes it ideal for implementing state-of-the-art embedded systems. But its adoption is being held back by the lack of a truly cost-effective and efficient solution.

'Solutions' on offer include legacy microcontrollers running a translation layer, or 32-bit RISC processors running an interpreter - sometimes even requiring a further co-processor.

The lightfoot™ core has been designed from scratch with the requirements of Java, and the constraints of embedded systems in mind - delivering an architecture which sets a completely new price/performance standard.

With lightfoot™, the engine at the heart of your embedded system will be an ultra-lean, low-power device. The technology allows you to exploit the intrinsic benefits of Java using a device purpose-designed for real-time and high-volume embedded applications. Moreover, minimal resources are needed for compliance - giving you the flexibility to use system peripherals as cost-effective add-ons that contribute tangible benefits to users, rather than expensive overheads that merely support the native Java engine.

Why not take a look at the future of embedded systems...

download lightfoot datasheet (pdf format)


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