DCT Releases Breakthrough Amark 1.3 Benchmark Scores for its Bigfoot™ Java-Acceleration Technology –
Delivers over 10x the performance of Sun's CLDC HotSpot™ Implementation

DCT supports EEMBC® Java™ Benchmark Group

Digital Communication Technologies Joins EEMBC® Java™ Benchmark Group

MTI Solidifies Investment in DCT –
Bigfoot™ Java™ Acceleration Technology Gains Market Momentum

DCT Announces Highest-Performance Java™ Solution for Wireless Devices –
Bigfoot™ Java Acceleration Technology Surpasses 10 Caffeine Mark Barrier

DCT's Lightfoot Core at the Heart of Velocity Semiconductor's Family of Microcontrollers

DCT Expands Management Team –
Key Additions to Accelerate DCT's Market Thrust

DCT boosts prospects for embedded Java

Royal Mail set to stamp approval on DCT router (www.SonyEricsson.com)

Lightfoot processor forms heart of next generation wireless M2M solution

New extensions to ARCtangent™-A4 processor enable small, low-cost Java™-enabled systems

Shera licenses DCT's Lightfoot Java core
for secure communication applications


Digital Communication Technologies develops and markets specialized IP and industry-leading support and development tools for embedded Java™ applications. DCT's innovative hardware architectures and run-time software environments offer exceptional performance and code density through the use of innovative proprietary techniques to speed and simplify native Java execution.

DCT's revolutionary IP cores, lightfoot™ and bigfoot™, enable the creation of Java-enabled products for the entire embedded space. Bigfoot offers the only credible acceleration technology available today for Java-enabled mobile phones. Lightfoot is a powerful 32-bit RISC processor core that is the engine driving many real-time, high-volume embedded systems.

Experience the future of Java. . .

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Bigfoot and Lightfoot voted as one of the "Important Embedded IP Events of 2002" by MPR Analyst Choice Awards.


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